About us

About us

Tools for water protection is a web-based toolbox providing support for the implementation of water protection actions at local level. It is designed for professionals and experts who do concrete work, strategic planning or make decisions on water protection in cities, municipalities, companies, NGOs or other organisations.

On the upper navigation bar, you can find tools categorised into tool themes. Alternatively, you can browse the content by water protection theme.  The content on each page is divided into the following sections:

Information on how the tool in question can provide support for implementing water protection measures, or on a certain water protection
Bank of Actions with various examples of water protection actions related to different tools or water protection themes implemented in the Baltic Sea region
Guidelines & recommendations for practical water protection work
 Extras, including useful reports and links and further information on the topic

About the Baltic Sea Challenge

The Tools for water protection website is managed by the Baltic Sea Challenge. The Baltic Sea Challenge is an international network for organisations committed to concrete action aimed at improving the state of local waters and the Baltic Sea as a whole. Read more about the Baltic Sea Challenge in the toolbox, or on the Baltic Sea Challenge website.

The Bank of Actions is a map application which compiles the concrete water protection work performed by network members. The Bank of Action was previously located on the Baltic Sea Challenge web site, compiling measures  implemented in the Baltic Sea Challenge network after it was initiated in 2007. When the Tools for water protection site was established, the Bank of Actions was updated and moved here.

About the CITYWATER project

This site was established in 2015 by the CITYWATER project, co-funded by the EU Life+ programme (LIFE11/ENV/FI/000909) in collaboration with the Baltic Sea Challenge. The first tools are based on lessons learned in the CITYWATER project, which aimed to promote the implementation of water protection measures for improving the condition of local waters and to thereby impact on the Baltic Sea as a whole.

The tools realised during CITYWATER are as follows: Communication strategy, Implementing stormwater solutions and Cost-benefit analysis. Promotion of the Baltic Sea Challenge was another of the project measures. Actions related to the project can be found in the Bank of Actions, using the keyword “CITYWATER”.

The project was realised through collaboration between the cities of Helsinki (lead partner), Turku and Tallinn and Tallinn University. The project lasted from 2012 to 2015 and the budget was EUR 1.2 million. The project was co-financed by the EU Life+ programme, The Finnish Ministry of Environment and the partners.

Read more on the CITYWATER website. 


Join the Baltic Sea Challenge network by committing to water protection work, and gain the benefits of an international expert network. Read more  here.

The Bank of Actions is always open to ideas for new actions. Is your organisation already a member of the Baltic Sea Challenge network and does it have good examples of water protection measures that it would like to share? Tell us about the work that you do, by filling in this form. We will put your action on the map!

The toolbox is also open to new tools. The Baltic Sea Challenge is interested in new tools for supporting water protection work, both locally and in the Baltic Sea region. We in the Baltic Sea Challenge look forward to hearing about your ideas and to collaborating with you! Our contact details can be found below.