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Actor: Kadrioru German School in Tallinn (Kadrioru Saksa Gümnaasium)   ●   Year: 2016   ●   Address: Gonsiori 38 Tallinn, Estonia


During the school year 2015-2016 we completed "Unformal environmental managment system" with cooperation HARED NPO - Centre for Training and Development. This document is an addition of our school development plan and it specifies principal values, environmental standpoints, environmental goals and actions.


To make the document and plan we had to review our schools environment: garbage and reducing it, health and wellbeing, physical actions, water usage and economizing the usage, usage of the paper, energy, food, school means for learning, school territory, transportation and notifications. Results of an overview were taken into consideration when the action plan was made. The goal is that the environment and sustainability are integrated to the schools studies. School students and employees can act environmentally coscious. In our school yard biodiversity wont deminish. The school is known as environmentally conscious educational institution, school's resource costs are reasonable and it is socially responsible.

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Our action supports clear coastal waters and healthy marine habitat.

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Name: Eliis-Beth Rosen   ●  Email: eliis-beth.rosen ( at )   ●  Web page:

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