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Actor: Turku Region Waste Water Treatment Plant Ltd   ●   Year: 2015   ●   Address: Polttimonkatu 2, Turku, Finland

A new control system for opitimising energy consumption and nitrogen removal. © Turun seudun puhdistamo Oy


The treatment plant implemented in 2015 a new control system for opitimising energy consumption and nitrogen removal in one of the treatment lines. The system is based on new kind of measuring technology and control function. Test runs were successful, and during 2015 the method will be used in all treatment lines.


After full scale measurement and control function use it is estimated that the ammounium nitrogen concentration will decrease 15% and thus the annual load will be reduced by 15 t. The decrease in the need of air would mean 450 000 kWh annual decrease in the use of electricity.

Background information

Turku Region Waste Water Treatment Plant Ltd offers high-quality wastewater treatment services to its owners cost-efficiently. Operations are optimal and reliable and continuously further developed. The energy consumption and chemical use are optimised with the demands of the purification  performance.

The aim of the plant is to operate with as as good as possible purification of the sewage - the minimum is to fulfill the environmental permit requirements. The projects of the company are preliminarily evaluated to ensure overall advantage in the financial and operational impacts. The company takes the Baltic Sea Action Plan into account when developing its operations.

Further information

Name: Jarkko Laanti   ●  Email: jarkko.laanti (a)   ●  Web page:

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