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Course for secondary school students: Ecology of the Baltic Sea

Actor: Kaarina Upper Secondary School   ●   Year: 2009   ●   Address: Voivalantie 7-9, Kaarina, Finland

The course dealing with ecology, nature, protection and environmental issues of the Baltic Sea was arranged in the Upper Secondary School of Kaarina during the years 2009 and 2010.© Kaarina high school


Students got to know the local actors that have direct or indirect influence on the Baltic Sea, e.g. waste water treatment plant and Valonia (service centre for sustainable development and energy of Southwest Finland). NGO Nature Union’s (Luonto-Liitto) Baltic Sea Ambassador also visited the school. On the island of Seili which is located in the Archipelago Sea the students got acquainted with the environment of the Baltic Sea by studying its species and by taking samples out of the sea.


The course has expanded the students’ interest towards the Baltic Sea. The students have also been excited about the course and recommended it to others. By getting acquainted with the local actors the students have received a clearer image of the factors that affect the state of the Baltic Sea. By studying the ecology of the Baltic Sea the meaning of its protection has become more concrete.

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© Kaarina high school

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