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Rid of toxic paints used on boats

Actor: SeaBoost Ltd   ●   Year: 2014   ●   Address: Espoo, Finland

Our aim is to develop and bring to markets new products that keep boat bottoms clean from fouling and bay barnacles - better and more cost effective than toxic paints. We estimate that it is possbile to halve the amount of toxic paints used with using mechanic antifouling in Finland. © SeaBoost


We are continuously developing material to tell boaters about the new alternatives. We hope to be able to distribute this material as wide as possible to be able to start a real change.


It is important to have real alternatives for consumers on the markets. With using other antifouling solutions it is possible to reduce the use of paints that are toxic to water life in the Baltic Sea region. The antifouling paints contain harmful substances like copper and zinc. In practice the paints wear out latest when washing and maintaining the boat bottom. This usually happens on the coasts and immediate vicinity of waters.

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