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Booklet: Natural boating

Actor: Navigation Union of Finland   ●   Year: 2009   ●   Address: Mannerheimintie 43, Helsinki, Finland

Because of the desire to include the environmental issues to be part of the course for skippers, the Navigation Union of Finland together with the Boating Union of Finland (Suomen Veneilyliitto), Sailors' Union of Finland (Suomen Purjehtijaliitto) and the Uusimaa Regional Environment Centre (Uudenmaan ympäristökeskus) put together a booklet called “Natural Boating”. The booklet was published in 2009 both in Finnish and Swedish. The publication has also been used to put together a presentation which has been used as a teaching material on the courses for skippers.© Suomen Navigaatioliitto ry


The Navigation Union of Finland has about 150 teachers who use these materials in their teaching. Because the section of environment has now been included in the requirements for the examination it has been also included in the syllabus on the courses. The contents of the syllabus follow the contents of the publication emphasising especially the different local features of the coastal and inland waters. The teachers can use the material according to their own enthusiasm and interest. The union has recommended using of the booklet for introductions of themes and for discussion in the club evenings of the member clubs.

The Navigation union of Finland had a long-time dream of its own environment guide aimed for the boaters who attend courses. The union decided to put together its own material together with the Boating Union of Finland and the Sailors' Union of Finland. They got expert help from Uusimaa Regional Environment Centre.


Boaters get more information about the state of the Baltic Sea and its environment. Adding the section of environment to the syllabus increases the environmental awareness of the sailors significantly. By increasing the knowledge the attitudes and choices are influenced.

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