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Contributed professorship

Actor: City of Helsinki and University of Helsinki   ●   Year: 2011   ●   Address: Viikinkaari 11, Helsinki, Finlanf

The City of Helsinki contributed to a new professorship of the Economics of Baltic Sea Protection to the University of Helsinki in 2011. Professor Kari Hyytiäinen started in the office in October 2013. Before him the professorship was held by Jussi Lankoski (2011-2013).© University of Helsinki


The professorship in the economics of Baltic Sea protection has been extended until 2021. The new five-year period is financed jointly by the City of Helsinki and the University of Helsinki. In the co-operation stemming from the Baltic Sea Challenge initiative the research questions arise from practical water protection questions. On the other hand the professorship enables more general scientific research results to be applied on local water protection. Already the first five-year period has produced a lot of economic research on the Baltic Sea issues e.g. for supporting the decision making in the city of Helsinki. The extension enables the continuity of the research and secures a new expert generation to be trained. The costs of the professorship to the City of Helsinki are €100,000 per year. The University of Helsinki's share is €15,000 per year.

During the last three years of his term, professor Kari Hyytiäinen has published 13 peer-reviewed scientific articles, 5 other research publications, given several interviews and written popular articles. Hyytiäinen is also in charge of a Baltic wide research project (BONUS BalticAPP), in which the demand and supply of ecosystem services provided by the Baltic Sea are examined in scenarios during the next century. During the next years the research focuses on mapping the challenges the changing climate and global socioeconomic trends will bring about in the protection of the Baltic Sea.


Professor Hyytiäinen wants to bring up information that can be used to support decision-making in the society when considering the saving of the Baltic Sea, and costs of these measures - both in Finland and internationally. The aim is to have a healthy sea, sustainable use of it and the possibility to leave the Baltic Sea for the generations to come as a resource of welfare.

Especially eutrophication, invasive species and risks of oil spill are of interest to professor Hyytiäinen. Also there are new, less well known threats like microplastics. The effects of climate change have to be taken into account when planning measures to improve the state of the sea. Locally Hyytiäinen's research is conducted in the Vantaanjoki river drainage area and the coastal waters off Helsinki.

Background information

The professorship in the Economics of Baltic Sea Protection has a central role in the Baltic Sea co-operation program of the University of Helsinki and City of Helsinki, and is included in the joint Baltic Sea Action Plan of the cities of Helsinki and Turku.

Further information

Name: Kari Hyytiäinen   ●  Email: kari.hyytiainen (a)   ●  Web page: