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Distributing Environmental information on Baltic Sea

Actor: The Association of the Estonian Nature Study Teachers   ●   Year: 2016   ●   Address: Tallinn

©  Association of the Estonian Nature Study TeachersOne of the tasks of the Association of the Estonian Nature Study Teachers is to distribute environmental information to the target group (teachers and environmental educators) and to the public. Webpage and an environmental education magazine published by the Association are important tools for that. In order to provide information about ecological state of the Baltic Sea and introduce activities on the Baltic Sea protection a special theme page has been opened at our website and articles has been published in the magazine.


We have published articles about marine ecology (Oil transportation and seabirds; Overview about ecological state of the Baltic Sea) in our environmental education magazine „Kägu”. The authors of the articles are the scientists and experts of Estonia. In this way the readers can get reliable environmental information and data for their everyday work.

Another type of articles introduce to the readers the projects and activities for the protection of the Baltic Sea. The Year of Finnish Gulf had special attention in the issues no 22 and 23 , the Youth Declaration has been translated into Estonian language and published, the Baltic Sea Challenge Network has been introduced to the Estonian schools. The schools has been encouraged to join the network.

Also a Baltic Sea themed page has been opened:

Through the website and magazine the readers are informed about international and local activities on the Baltic Sea protection, they can join the BSC Network, get contacts of the ohter actors etc.


Background information

The Association of the Estonian Nature Study Teachers is a NGO (founded in 1993) that joins Estonian educators of nature studies. A mission of the NGO is to assist in development of environmental education and education for sustainable development in Estonia. The main activities the organization are: organizing in-service training for Estonian teachers and other educators and publishing educational magazine “Kägu”(Cuckoo).

The organisation works mainly on project base, everyday operation is managed and website is administered on the base of voluntary work. The environmental education magazine of the Association is published on project bases, so as the printing is supported by different donors like the Estonian Fund of the Environmental Investments, different EU programs, foundation INNOVE a.o. The teacher´s contribution to the magazine is given as voluntary work.

Further information

Name: Anne Kivinukk   ●  Email: anne.kivinukk ( at )   ●  Web page:

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