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Clean-up action at the Baltic coast

Actor: Green planet NGO, Kaliningrad center for environment and tourism   ●   Year: 2016   ●   Address: Primorye, Kaliningradskaja oblast, Russia

A clean-up action on the beaches of Primorye village, Kaliningrad, Russia. © Green Planet NGO


At the end of September 2016 young activists and volunteers of Green Planet NGO participated in the action to clean up the Baltic coast in Primorye village, Kaliningrad. The coastal part of the area is a protected natural area. The action was planned within celebration of the International Sea Days.


As a result of the action, a large amount of waste and marine litter was collected from the sea coast. The event made it possible for young people to concretely take part in nature conservational actions, not only study the Baltic Sea.

© Green Planet NGO












Background information

Kaliningrad center for environment and tourism is the oldest institution of non-formal ecological education and youth tourism in Kaliningrad, and acts as a coordinator of various programs and projects in the region. Green planet NGO is an ecological movement established within the center to provide enterprising activists with work expertise in ecological education and various environmental projects.

Further information

Name: Dmitry Filippenko   ●  Email: dmiphi ( at )   ●  Web page:

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