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Actor: Kardioru German School (Kadrioru Saksa Gümnaasium), Tallinn   ●   Year: 2015   ●   Address: Gonsiori 38 Tallinn, Estonia

Familiarizing with the plastic problem with collecting trash on a beach and analysing it, making bioplastic and visiting to the waste water treatment plant.


The group of 12-th graders had an overview of the plastic in our everyday life and plastic in the seas. We went to Baltic Sea shore in Tallinn and collected the garbage and analyzed what and how trash gets there. As the practical work we made bioplastic from the cows milk. In the end we all also went to Tallinn sewage plant and learned how the wastewater is cleaned.




Our goals were that students are aware of the connections between nature, technology and society, and can justify sustainability in personal, local, national and international levels. A student can analyze human activities in endangering the species and is responsible towards the actions in nature. Student values biodiversity and explanes importance of protecting it, and also understands everyone's personal part in the protection of biodiversity.

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Our action supports clear coastal waters and healthy marine habitat.'



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