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An application for Baltic Sea education

Actor: SEA LIFE Helsinki, Finnish Board of Education and LevelUp   ●   Year: 2015   ●   Address: Tivolitie 10 Helsinki, Finland

An interactive game application on the fish species and the state of the Baltic Sea. © Erikoinen kalasoppa


“The exceptional fish soup” is an interactive game application created especially for the Finnish 7th graders, supporting the Finnish curriculum in biology education.

The various levels of the game invite the player on a journey through archipelago canebrakes and kelp fields, all the way to the open sea. The player will take on the role of various fish, helping them to manage everyday challenges like finding food and escaping predators, but also in dealing with more general problems of the Baltic Sea such as anoxic water areas and eutrophication.

Each level presents a fish species and a habitat where you can find it. After the game portion of the level, a questionnaire with in-depth information follows.

The application is currently available only in Finnish language.


The game helps students to understand the species and the fragile state of the Baltic Sea. Through the project SEA LIFE has received a lot of positive attention, response and cooperation partners.  

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