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Study of micro litters in storm waters

Actor: City of Turku   ●   Year: 2015   ●   Address: Puolalankatu 5, Turku, Finland

Field survey and laboratory analysis on micro litters in storm waters.© City of Turku


Microlittering of urban streams and storm water sewers in the City of Turku area was examined. Water samples were taken from urban streams and storm water sewers. Then the quality and quantity of micro litters was analysed from each sample, and a FTIR analysis (Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy) was implemented on chosen particles.

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The study was continuation for a previous analysis of micro litters in sea and waste water. As a result of these studies, the City of Turku now has a rough idea about the amounts and sources of micro litters in its water bodies. Further investigation is still needed, but the results are  already used in awareness raising campaigns and in planning large event waste management.

Background information

This kind of research activities are not obligatory to municipalities. The study was conducted in cooperation with Aalto University and the Turku University of Applied Sciences. Results can be utilized in further research and in awareness raising campaigns as well as in waste management plans and measures.

Further information

Name: Pekka Salminen   ●  Email: pekka.salminen (a)   ●  Web page:

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