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Developing of the environmental management system in a cruise line company

Actor: IHA-Lines Ltd   ●   Year: 2010   ●   Address: Meritullintori 6, Helsinki, Finland

© Iha-Lines OyCruise line company IHA-Lines Oy Helsinki Cruises, while being a pilot company in Ekokompassi (Ecological compass) project, developed an audited environmental management system covering the whole operations of the company.


The goal of developing the environmental management system was minimisation of the negative environmental effects. Attention was paid in the choices of environmentally friendly detergents, working methods, the amount and sorting of waste fractions and the use of energy and material resources.


© Iha-Lines OyThe use of detergents has been minimised and all the detergents used are environmentally friendly and this way reduce the eutrophication of the Baltic Sea. The company’s new ship, M/s Doris II, has a system which enables collecting of greywater. It collects water used for washing and cooking potatoes, which is later treated on shore by city’s sewage treatment. Acknowledging the environmental issues, an audited environmental management system and the Ekokompassi badge give a more environmentally friendly option for a citizen or for someone who organises cruises. The City of Helsinki awarded the company in the Helsinki’s environment award of 2010 competition as a trendsetter.

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Developing of the environmental management system is a voluntary action. Further information on the company's environmental issues.

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Name: Niina Ihalainen   ●  Email: niina.ihalainen (a)   ●  Web page:

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