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Actor: Vuove-Insinöörit Ltd   ●   Year: 2015   ●   Address: Neljäs linja 4, Turku, Finland

Leakage examination of a sewage system includes measurement of quality and amount of water in all the lines discharging to a waste water manhole.© Vuove Insinöörit


Samples are taken from all lines separately and analysed immediately. The results are fed to a software that calculates each direction's share of the flow. Also the manholes are photographed. This way the lines are mapped systematically upstream through the whole area to be examined. When the area where the leakage is can be found, it is immediately investigated to find out the exact leakage points to the sewer system. The data is saved in the database of the software and a report is made. Usually renovation plans are made or the leaking objects are directly repaired.

An example of this method in Turku, where a leakage point of oil to the port area was examined for the city of Turku waterworks:

Waste water lines were discharging oil to the port of Turku. The port informed the city waterworks often that there is plenty of oil in the sea. The main sewage line of the city centre area and all its side lines were examined with this method. Thus a gas station was found where the leakage originated. The leak has now been fixed.


When the leakage points in the sewer system are known as precisely as possible, the reparation works can be carried out cost-efficiently. The less leakage there is in the sewer system, the more effective the waste water treatment plant is and there are less overflows. Also the usage of chemicals is reduced.

The major benfit in locating of the leakage of oil to sewer system was that there is no oil discharge anymore to the sea.

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