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Water protection campaign in connection with a city festival

Actor: Turku nature protection association   ●   Year: 2014   ●   Address: Turku, Finland

Turku nature protection association organised in 2013 and 2014 awareness raising campaign during a city festival.


The campaign was organised during the oldest city festival of Finland, Down By the Laituri (DBTL) in the city centre of Turku. Campaigners paddled down the River Aurajoki and gathered trash that was thrown there by the festival audience. At the same time onshore among the audience there were people discussing with them about water protection and why littering is harmful.


The campaign raised awareness of harmfulness of littering in the rivers and seas, decreased the amount entering the river a little and brought media attention to the association.

Background information

The campaign is based on the littering ban of the chapter 8. of the Environmental Protecion Act. The organiser of a festival is responsible for the tidiness of the festival area, but because the festival gathers a lot of audience to the city centre, also areas outside the festival area are littered easily. The association is thus awakening the consciousness of the festival audience to take initiative in reducing the littering, because the cleaning up of the festival area is not enough.

Further information

Name: Jussi Lampinen   ●  Email: jilamp(at)   ●  Web page:

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