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Septic tank pumping service to a leisure boat marina

Actor: Rotary Clubs of Finlandia Hall, Munkkiniemi and Kallio   ●   Year: 2011   ●   Address: Merihaka, Helsinki, Finland

Rotary Clubs gathered the funds for the pumping station of bilge and septic waters from leisure boats.© Rotaryklubi Finlandia Hall, Kallio ja Munkkiniemi


The device was installed in May 2011 nearby the home port of the Merihaka Yacht Club in the middle of the City of Helsinki. Both the Yacht Club of Merihaka and Marinetek Finland Oy participated in the project. The rotaries paid for the device. The City of Helsinki took care of the connection to the city’s sewer system and built the pontoon dock. The device was delivered by the Marinetek Finland Oy and the yacht club maintains and supervises the device.


The device is in public use. Together with the Yacht Club of Merihaka the greatest benefit goes to the Yacht Club of Hakaniemi and the other sailors in the area of Eläintarhanlahti, Kaisaniemenlahti and Siltasaarensalmi. Boaters can empty their waste waters in the port instead of emptying them into the sea. This way, the sheltered bays and straits are preserved from the nutrients of the waste waters.

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