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Baltic Sea themed competition

Actor: Kaarina Upper Secondary School   ●   Year: 2010   ●   Address: Voivalantie 7-9, Kaarina, Finland

The Upper Secondary School of Kaarina has arranged a Baltic Sea quiz for three years for the 8th graders in the City of Kaarina. All of the school’s 8th grades participated. In the quiz the topics of the Baltic Sea are covered as widely as possible (geography, seafaring, history, ecology and environment). © Kaarina high school


The teams are created according to the students’ own enthusiasm. Among other things the participants have received a list of ten webpages which they can get acquainted with before the competition. The competition takes place in a hall where everyone is together. The students are asked multiple-choice question and as the competition proceeds the teams are eliminated. Finally only the team that knew the answers best is remaining. The students have been very excited about the competition.


The purpose of the competition is to increase the interest towards the Baltic Sea and to emphasise its manifold meaning to human beings and nature. The topics of the quiz include history, biology, geography as well as the timely phenomena. The comprehensive examination of the Baltic Sea helps to perceive what kind of matters affect the state of the Baltic Sea.

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