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Education and awareness raising at Daugavpils WWTP

Actor: Daugavpils Water Ltd.   ●   Year: 2018   ●   Address:

© IWAMA - Interactive Water Management projectDaugavpils water Ltd. aimed at organizing excursions to its own museum, waste water treatment plant (WWTP) and water intake facilities to introduce the importance of clean water supply, functionality of the wastewater system, importance of wastewater treatment, as well as to demonstrate the complexity of the process. The target group for the excursions are children and teens (from 7 to 18 years old). The goal of the commitment was to raise the awareness of the importance of environment protection.


The dissemination of publicly available and understandable information about IWAMA project goals and tasks on how to improve the management of wastewater treatment processes was distributed both among specialists (company’s employees, supervising institutions representatives, participants of educational courses and environmental seminars participants held by the company), and among educational institutions and children's centers, through guided tours and special events dedicated to important environmental dates (International Water Day, International Environment Day, International Baltic Sea Protection Day etc.).  

© Daugavpils Water Ltd / IWAMA - Interactive Water Management project

One of the technologies implemented within the IWAMA project was an investment into installing new equipment (1 valve on aeration system and 42 energy meters) in Daugavpils WWTP, which allows organize maintenance works without harm to technological (biological) process and keeps separate electricity records by main consumer groups (return sludge pumps, aeration mixers, compressors, centrifuges). Real time received data allows to control, analyze and in short time correct and optimize settings of equipment used, reducing energy consumption while maintaining the required quality of wastewater treatment.


The dissemination of understandable information allowed to attract attention, raise awareness, clearly demonstrate positive results of the use of innovative technologies that were implemented by project participants to save energy and improve the environmental situation in Baltic Sea Region.

© Daugavpils Water Ltd / IWAMA - Interactive Water Management project

Background information

Education and awareness raising at Daugavpils WWTP was carried out within Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme 2014-2020 financed project IWAMA (Interactive Water Management). Baltic Sea Challenge had close co-operation with the IWAMA. Project activities concentrated on developing the capacity of water sector operators and pilot investments to increase energy efficiency and advance sludge handling. All project activities were targeted at better environmental state of the Baltic Sea through reducing nutrient input, optimizing energy consumption of the wastewater treatment plants, training water sector’s employees and ensuring the transfer of knowledge. The partners of the IWAMA project joined the Baltic Sea Challenge network. 

© IWAMA - Interactive Water Management project

Further information

Name: Natalja Goulde   ●  Email: goulde(a)   ●  Web page: