Bank of Actions

Bank of Actions

Are you seeking examples or inspiration for water protection? There are plenty of potential actions to choose from! The Bank of Actions will provide your organisation with concrete ideas and examples of water protection activities implemented by organisations in the Baltic Sea Challenge network. You can browse these according to the theme, type of actor, country, year or keyword.

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Marine conservation programme with action plan

Actor: Municipality of Lomma, Sweden   ●   Year: 2010   ●   Address: Hamngatan 3 Lomma, Sweden

Action plan jointly agreed with stakeholders to regulate different uses of a bay.


We have made an action plan for our bay. It includes regulations for watersports, coastal fishing, suggested areas of protection, banning of hard structures against erosion, banning of sand mining etc.


That different interests as well as stakeholders have agreed on how to use the bay in a sustainable way. A lot of conflicts are now abated. Sensitive areas in the bay are less disturbed.

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Name: Helena Björn   ●  Email: helena.bjorn ( at )   ●  Web page: