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Bank of Actions

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Reception point for the cruisers’ waste waters

Actor: Port of Turku   ●   Year: 2010   ●   Address: Linnankatu 90, Turku, Finlanf

Reception point for the cruisers’ waste waters was completed in the beginning of the summer of 2010 in the Port of Turku.© Port of Turku


From the berths which do not have a built-in sewer, the cruisers’ waste waters can be received to the reception point with tank cars. The Port of Turku has also decided to charge no extra fee for the reception of waste waters for the cruisers which run in the harbour during the years 2010-2011.


The purpose of the action was to improve the reception capacity of waste waters in the Port of Turku. By offering a free reception service for the cruisers, they are encouraged to leave their waste waters ashore.

Background information

The action was voluntary. At the moment the compulsory discharge of waste waters at ports applies only to the vessels of domestic traffic. By removing the waste water fee from the cruisers, they were encouraged to reduce the pollution load of the Baltic Sea.

Further information

Name: Markku Alahäme   ●  Email: markku.alahame (a)   ●  Web page: