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Waste water filtration system for dry toilets in Kaunissaari island

Actor: City of Helsinki, Sports department   ●   Year: 2010   ●   Address: Kaunissaari, Sipoo, Finland

 The Sports Department of the City of Helsinki installed an infiltration and filtration system for dry toilets in Kaunissaari which is located in the archipelago of the municipality of Sipoo.


Kaunissaari is very popular outdoor recreational area in which, especially during the summer months, thousands of people visit. The functional guest harbour guarantees large numbers of visitors who on the other hand strain the environment of the island.


By installing the infiltration and filtration system for dry toilets, the pollution of Kaunissaari caused by surface runoff and sewage can be decreased. The action reduces the discharge of nutrients to the island terrain and to the Baltic Sea.

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Name: Hannu Airola   ●  Email: hannu.airola (a)   ●  Web page: